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Clipping Path Expert provide hand made best quality Photoshop clipping path using pen tool, no matter any quantity or how complex.


No Matter How Complex

Easy to use

We do any type of complex clipping path.
Bulk or few ? no matter.
Also have a great discount for bulk order.


Fast Turnaround Time


We are able to provide very fast turnaround time as like 1 hours, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours.
Also you can customize your turnaround time.


What We Do?

service 1

Clipping Path

We Provide Hand made best quality Clipping Path using Photoshop Pen tool

service 2

Image Masking

Best quality Masking, Easy or complex, few or Bulk.

service 3


We Provide Skin Retouch, Product retouch, any kinds of Retouch.

Have You Seen our Works?

project 1

Basic Clipping Path

PricePer Image USD: 0.30$
Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr


project 2

Clipping Path MEDIUM

PricePer Image 0.80$
Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr


project 3

Clipping Path COMPLEX

PricePer Image USD: 1.50 to 3 $
Turnaround Time200 to 500 Images within 24 hr


project 4

Msking BASIC

PriceUSD : 0.50 $
Turnaround Time500 to 1000 images within 24 hr.


project 5


Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr


project 6


Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr

project 7


Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr


project 8


PricePer Image USD: 2.00$
Turnaround Time500 to 1000 Images within 24 hr


project 9


PricePer image USD : 2.50 $
Turnaround Time200 to 500 Images within 24 hr


  • project 1

    Clipping Path BASIC

    USD: 0.30$

  • project 2

    Clipping Path MEDIUM

    USD: 0.80$

  • project 3

    Clipping Path COMPLEX

    USD: 1.50 to 3 $

  • project 4

    Masking BASIC

    USD : 0.50 $

  • project 5



  • project 6



  • project 7



  • project 8



  • project 9



Who We Are?

team 1

Md Nazmul Islam


Clipping Path Expert Founded by Md Nazmul Islam at 2010

team 1

Eshan Chakma

Production Manager

I really love to working hard.

team 1


Production Manager

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.

About Us

Clipping Path Expert is dedicated to serve clients worldwide in Clipping Path, Photoshop Masking,
Image Retouching, Manipulation, Image Editing, Shading, and Creating Vector Image from Raster Services by the highly skilled graphic professionals.

Clipping Path Experts

is a highly focused outsourcing company based in Bangladesh, specializing in the field of clipping path and other photo editing services. We are promising expertise exclusive worldwide delivery and state of the art infrastructure for outsourcing to merge process, people and technology to guarantee genuine business significance to our clients. Clipping Path Experts has developed a long-term experience in a wide range of fields of development and integration to ensure exceptional quality without defeat at fixed rates.

Objects of Clipping Path Experts:

1. Believes excellence in value of time and rate as a vital part and major resource of business.
2. Committed to assure appreciated clients order by nonstop provide of world-class globally standardized services
3. Guaranteed persistent progresses in the productivity, quality and turnaround time by constantly upgrading the systems, skills and resources.
4. Enlargement of human resources by standard training to authorize them with the latest practice techniques to exceed the client probability of quality on an ongoing basis and to compete worldwide.
5. Undertaking lowest rate by wide application of outsourcing techniques cost reduction on repetitive source.
6. Promise is to meet the supplies of the client's access by an effective quality management system.

Specialization of our Works:

Clipping Path, Photoshop Masking, Drop Shadow, Image Manipulation, Photoshop Retouching, Photo enhancement, Image Stitching, Raster to Vector Image
Patterns of our Works:
Satisfaction guaranteed at 100%, Availability of all photo treatment services, Huge amount of image processing capacity, No financial risks before job done, Handmade paths, Low cost, No hidden charges, Flexible services, Free Trial Work, Quick turnaround, Volume discount, 24 hours, 7 days/week online support.


  • Retouch

  • Clipping Path

  • Vactor

  • Creative Design

We accept three free trial to show our work quality
After free trial if you satisfy with our work then we
will work together
You can feel free send your free trial any time at
sweet.rockerz69@gmail.com via we transfer.

Free Trial

We can provide you more better clipping path at item to be attractive and willingly publish to your web or magazine.

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What Client Say?

Clipping Path do an excellent job and their turnaround time is fantastic, highly recommended"

client 1 Mark Dadswell Client

I've had the privilege to work with Clipping Path Expert, whose ideas were top notch and the end result was superb. I recommend his work and hope that we can work together again in the future."

client 2 David Bryce Client

We hired Clipping Path Expert to handle a very large imaging project and they did a great job. It was our first time using an outside company for a photography project. Clipping Path Expert was very professional.

client 3 Paul Givson Client


Our Clients


We keep the price within three different way.


  • Clip : 0.30$
  • Retouch 0.70$
  • Masking 0.50 $
  • Neck Join 0.90 $


  • 0.80$
  • 1.50 $
  • 1.0 $
  • 1.50 $


  • 1.50 to 3 $
  • 2.50 $
  • 2.50 $
  • 2.0 $

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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For more information please contact us one of the facility mentioned below nearest to you:

Mohammadia housing, dhaka 1207

clippingger@gmail.com , info@clippingpathexpert.co.uk


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